Moscow Larevo School Campus

Design for a new internationally minded private high school campus in Moscow.
School, sports halls and boarding facilities for pupils and staff form a string of buildings, sheltering the yards and sport fields facing the river bank.
The central atrium of the school is a venue for events and a place for communication and collaboration.

Moscow Larevo School Campus


A competition entry for the development of a new private non-profit high school campus on the developing area on the southern periphery of Moscow. A place where Russian tradition meets international influence, the school opens possibilities for exchange between cultures and disciplines to create something new and prepare the students for their future studies in top universities in Russia and abroad.

The design connects the village of Larevo and the adjacent future town development to the river park in the South. By providing views through the campus area, the integration of the two can be enforced. The functions – school, sports halls and boarding facilities for pupils and staff – form a string of buildings by two streets, sheltering the yards and sport fields of campus park facing the river bank.

The school building is arranged around a large atrium, the focal point of the whole school. With its large auditorium stair the atrium serves not only as a transit area and a venue for large events, but as a place for communication and collaboration. It is a place in which to socialize, to read a book or to drink a cup of tea.


Invited competition entry, 2014.


Junior/senior high school, boarding house, teachers apartments, ice rink and gym halls, extreme sports hall / 27680m2, total campus area 10ha.


Larevo/Letovo, Moscow, Russia.


Masshtab / KB Strelka


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