Syvälahti Education Centre

Syvälahti community centre combines the functions of a comprehensive school, day-care centre, public library, youth house and a child health centre under one roof.
The heart of the building is the school dining hall with its multi-functional stage. It is surrounded by studios for arts and music as well as wood, metal, textile and cooking workshops, which give the space a buzzing sense of doing.
The wide auditorium-like stair in the dining hall serves as a stand during larger events and as an informal learning place and meeting point in the everyday school life.
The school spaces are designed as flexible clusters organized around central “learning squares”. All squares are closely linked to the central, more public spaces.
The building is completed and will open its doors in August 2018.

Syvälahti Education Centre


The Syvälahti education centre is a multipurpose building combining the functions of a comprehensive school and a day-care centre – serving combined up to nearly 1000 1-16-year-olds – to a public library, youth house and a child health care services under one twisting roof. The building volume is incorporated into the hilly surroundings of Hirvensalo island in a way which makes possible comfortable and sheltered school yards opening toward nice views and sunny directions.

The heavy, twisting masonry of the facades is given rhythm by the large, clear cut windows and larger openings near the entrances providing views to the surroundings. Timeless brown brickwork gives warmth and sense of handicraft to the building, providing it with a monolithic, recognizable character and making it feel deeply rooted in its place.

The public functions – library, youth house and health care services – are located near the main entrance next to both the main school spaces and the day-care facilities divided into 4 pairs of two day-care groups. The building’s main space, the school dining hall near the main entrance is open for all users. It is surrounded by the school’s studios for arts and music as well as wood, metal, textile and cooking workshops giving the space a buzzing sense of doing.

The organization of learning spaces follows the guidelines of the new national curriculum. The spaces are designed as flexible, open clusters organized around central “learning squares”. Smaller pupils mainly operate in their own smaller clusters dedicated to their age groups, while on the upper classes the spaces are grouped on grounds of the subject matter – communication, natural sciences, etc. Not every class has its own room. Instead, the spaces are used in different ways depending on the subject and the size of the group of pupils. All squares are closely connected to the more public areas which are also used as learning spaces for group or individual work.

Syvälahti multipurpose education centre has been carried out as a project alliance project, the alliance comprising Verstas, NCC, Caverion and the client, city of Turku.


Completed 5/2018, opens 8/2018.


Vanha Kakskerrantie 8, Turku, Finland


Comprehensive school, daycare centre, library, youth house and child health services /


City of Turku


Anders Portman/Kuvatoimisto Kuvio


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Syvälahti Education Centre

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