Verstas Architects presents a winning design for Tuira Multipurpose House in Oulu

Verstas Architects is delighted to present a winning design for Tuira Multipurpose House in Oulu. The new building consists of primary and secondary school as well as communal facilities for citizens. According to the jury statement, Verstas Architects entry called ´Polkka´ has pleasant scale and atmosphere. Although the proposal is distinctive, its architecture has succeeded in incorporating references to the surrounding buildings.

The connection to the old, historic school building on the site has been designed in a delicate way by retracting the new building. The proposal has the ability to capture the history of the place as well as tell a story. Construction of the new Tuira Multipurpose House will start in Spring 2023.


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      Honorary mention in the Malminkartano invitational competition for Verstas Architects

      Verstas Architects received an honorary mention in the Malminkartano invitational competition organized by Sponda and the City of Helsinki. The aim was to design residential, commercial and office buildings with a total area of 100 000 square meters. According to the jury statement, the Verstas Architects´ entry called ´Kylämäki´ has a strong vision in design of the western part and preserves the forest areas extensively.


        Verstas Architects presents a winning design for StadinAO, Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute

        StadinAO Roihupelto

        Vertas Architects will design a new campus for Stadin AO, Vocational College and Adult Institute in Roihupelto, Helsinki. After a competitive evaluation process Verstas Architects and collaborating developer Lujatalo Oy were chosen by a sub-committee of the Urban Environment Division of the City of Helsinki to bring this project to life. Stadin AO is a life-cycle project where the the city of Helsinki owns the building yet the maintanance responsibility remains with the developer for the next 20 years. In addition to Vuosaari high school and Puotila primary school, this new campus will be the third life-cycle project designed by Verstas.

        StadinAO aerial view

        The new multidisciplinary campus will enable collaboration between different educational fields while inviting businesses to bring their expertise to the learning experience. The college campus will provide space for 4500 students in several technical fields ranging from automation and electrical industries to logistics, healthcare education and artisanal studies. By estimation, 3000 students will be attending studies on campus while the rest will advance their education by doing first-hand learning in workplace environments. The building also houses facilities for youth workshops and adult education.

        StadinAO courtyard

        The four-storey campus building surrounds three inner courtyards that function as an extension for the students’ communal spaces. The active everyday life of the study workshops has been made apparent throughout the building by emphasizing visual connections. The appearance of the new campus building is defined by a metal clad façade that follows the curve of the adjoining street. Two main entrances of the building are marked by distinctive wooden frames. The surrounding site is designed by Loci landscape architects. Education in the new Stadin AO will begin in 2026.


          Helsinki Biennial Pavilion nominated for the 2021 Finnish Wood Award!

          We are happy to announce that The Helsinki Biennial Pavilion has been nominated for the 2021 Finnish Wood Award by the Finnish Timber Council!

          You can go vote using this link

          The Pavilion has acted as the entry to the international art event Helsinki Biennial that took place on Vallisaari Island during 2021. It functions as a ticket office, information point and a place for hanging out. The prefabricated wood elements have been designed to be movable. The shape was inspired by the shoreline bedrock.

          The Award is given annually as an incentive for a building, interior design or structure that represents high-quality, Finnish wood architecture or where wood has been used in a way that promotes construction technology. The winner of the Wood Award will be announced at the Wood Day (Puupäivä) on the 4th of November.

          Photo: Pyry Kantonen


            Helsinki Biennial Pavilion nominated for EU Mies award 22

            The Helsinki Biennial Pavilion is nominated for the 2022 European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award! See all the nominees and more about the award here:

            Photo: Tuomas Uusheimo


              Great progress in the Lapland Central Hospital extension

               The pshychiatric hospital of the Lapland Central Hospital designed by Verstas Architects


              The extension of the Lapland Central Hospital moves ahead as the project alliance members signed the contract for the construction of a psychiatric hospital on November 1oth. It will be complete in 2023. The wards of the hospital will face a wooded park thus bringing the natural landscape part of healing. That is one of the patient-centered features in Verstas Architects’ hospital design.


              The pshychiatric hospital of the Lapland Central Hospital designed by Verstas Architects


              Furthermore, the Lapland Hospital District decided on the construction of the second stage of the hospital extension. In the second stage, a new building and an internal street connects the various parts of the hospital campus. The new building will also contain outpatient clinics and a renewed main entrance. Its sweeping form echoes the northern landscape, while a wooden façade enlivens the atmosphere of the hospital.


              Lapland Central Hospital by Verstas ArchitectsLapland Central Hospital by Verstas Architects


                The Aalto University Väre Building is an Architecture MasterPrize winner

                The Aalto University Väre Building is one of the Architecture MasterPrize 2020 winners in the educational building category.


                  Aalto University’s new campus building is shortlisted for the 2020 Finlandia Prize for Architecture

                  The new square and public space in front of the Aalto University Väre Building for The School of Art, Design and Architecture, designed by Verstas Architects. Alvar Aalto's old main building in the background.

                  Aalto University’s new campus building is one of the four nominees for the 2020 Finlandia Prize for Architecture. The building consists of the School Art, Design and Architecture (the Väre Building), the School of Business and the shopping centre A Bloc. The design is based on Verstas Architects’ proposal for the open, international competition in 2013.

                  Previously, the building has been received The International Architecture Award (2019), the Hurraa! Award, a recognition from the City of Espoo. It has been a nominee for the Mies van der Rohe Award (European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture) and shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival awards.

                  The recipient of the the 2020 Finlandia Prize for Architecture will be revealed on October 5th.

                  Aalto University School of Business by Verstas Architects

                  (Photographs by Andreas Meichsner and Mika Huisman)


                    Verstas Architects chosen to design the Puotila Primary School in a public-private partnership

                    Puotilan ala-aste / Puotila Primary School by Verstas Architects

                    The buildings and public works sub-committee of Helsinki proposes Verstas Architects to design the new Puotila Primary School. Verstas was chosen as a member of the developer Lujatalo’s team. The new school is among the first private-public partnership projects in Helsinki, known in Finland also as life-cycle projects to highlight the incentive for sustainable quality in building. Currently, Verstas designs the first such life-cycle project in Helsinki, the Vuosaari High School. In the life-cycle approach, the city owns the building, but the developer is responsible of its maintenance for 20 years, which is expected to prevent indoor air quality issues, for example. The sub-committee decided to propose the Lujatalo team in a meeting on the April 16th. The city council will finalize the decision soon.

                    Puotilan ala-aste / Puotila Primary School by Verstas Architects

                    Verstas designs the Puotila Primary School for 530 pupils and 70 early years education pupils. A zigzag facade opens classrooms to natural light while also creating sheltered, covered recesses to the school yard. Learning spaces are in two levels around a communal atrium, younger pupils on the ground level and older on the first floor. The school yard caters both for diverse play and learning. Nomaji maisema-arkkitehdit is the landscape architect and Sitowise the engineer. The new school will replace the current one and will be complete in 2022.

                    The teachers, pupils and their parents of the current primary school have participated in the formulation of the pedagogic plan and the new learning space will be pedagogically versatile. The new school will also double as gathering and recreational space for the residents in Puotila, who have wished improvements in the area. The new primary school will amend the lack of sports and reacreation spaces in Puotila and Verstas has designed it for active civic use.