Construction at the Lapland Central Hospital begins in April

The Lapland Central Hospital will have a new emergency department, operating theatres, an intensive care unit and a hospital pharmacy among other things. Verstas Architects is also designing a new psychiatric hospital currently, which will proceed to the construction stage later.

While modern healthcare is ever more efficient, the Lapland Hospital District and the designers have committed to build a humane and healing environment. It stems from the architectural appearance, layout, materials, natural light and the presence of nature. Verstas Architects won an architecture competition of the hospital extension in 2015. In the past years, the project alliance and other stakeholders, such as the hospital staff, have collaborated intensively to deliver the most practical and feasible solution for extending the Lapland Central Hospital. The project alliance members are Verstas Architects, YIT Suomi, Are, Granlund, WSP, Geobotnia and L2 Paloturvallisuus. The alliance contract for the construction stage was signed today.