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Lamminrahka Education Centre by Verstas Architects

    Verstas Architects wins the Lamminrahka Education Centre competition

    Lamminrahka Education Centre by Verstas Architects

    Verstas Architects won the architecture competition of the Lamminrahka Education Centre. It will be the landmark building of a significant new neighbourhood in the Tampere region, which is the second largest growth centre in Finland. The cities of Tampere and Kangasala organized the open competition and Verstas Architects emerged as the winner out of nearly 60 proposals, with a proposal titled Kerkkä (a spruce sprout in Finnish). The education centre will be an important element of the future main square of the area.

    Lamminrahka Education Centre by Verstas Architects

    A village-like whole

    Daytime, the education centre is a school, a preschool and a day-care centre, while in the evenings and weekends, its sports halls and workshops are available for the residents. The Lamminrahka Education Centre will be built in phases and will have a gross floor area of 14,000 sqm and 1,200 pupils. The large education centre will have synergy between various groups of users. There will be bustling places of encounter. However, it will also offer peaceful places of study and retreat.

    In our proposal, three boulder-like parts and a lofty lobby between them form the education centre. We gathered the different units of the education centre around the lobby to form a village-like whole. The lobby with adjoining dining halls and a versatile stage is the heart of the building. It opens to the main square of Lamminrahka with a wide glass wall and offers a view through the building to its forested yard. The handicraft workshops open to a future main street animating the streetscape. The assertive street façade has different types of masonry while finely detailed, warm wood dominates the façade of the yard.

    Lamminrahka Education Centre by Verstas Architects

      Construction at the Lapland Central Hospital begins in April

      The Lapland Central Hospital will have a new emergency department, operating theatres, an intensive care unit and a hospital pharmacy among other things. Verstas Architects is also designing a new psychiatric hospital currently, which will proceed to the construction stage later.

      While modern healthcare is ever more efficient, the Lapland Hospital District and the designers have committed to build a humane and healing environment. It stems from the architectural appearance, layout, materials, natural light and the presence of nature. Verstas Architects won an architecture competition of the hospital extension in 2015. In the past years, the project alliance and other stakeholders, such as the hospital staff, have collaborated intensively to deliver the most practical and feasible solution for extending the Lapland Central Hospital. The project alliance members are Verstas Architects, YIT Suomi, Are, Granlund, WSP, Geobotnia and L2 Paloturvallisuus. The alliance contract for the construction stage was signed today.

        Housewarming at the new Verstas office

        Housewarming at the new Verstas Architects office


        We threw a housewarming at our new office on the October 30th. This is Verstas Architects’ fourth office. The first one was a small ground floor space, previously a laundry, that accommodated a few people. Today, 15 years later, Verstas has grown to a versatile architectural practice of over 40 people. Finally we have an office that we refurbished to suit our current needs. It is in the same address as before in Tammasaarelaituri 3, adjacent to our earlier office space. We could not get enough of the views to the sea from this building – the new space has even more fantastic vistas.


        Thanks to the 200 friends who celebrated with us!


        Housewarming at the new Verstas Architects office

        Housewarming at the new Verstas Architects office

          Verstas Architects’ new office


          The new office of Verstas Architects, designed by ourselves

          Photos by Pyry Kantonen

          Verstas has a new office in the same address!

          We moved to an adjacent space that we tailored for ourselves. The space is loftier and has wonderful vistas to the sea that are reflected beautifully on the new glass walls. The sturdy building was originally a storage and office. Einari Teräsvirta, an architect, professor and Olympic medalist athlete, designed it for the national alcoholic beverage retailer in Finland in the 1970s. We furnished the office with sleek bespoke glass and oak walls. The spacious common area is by the large window. It is perfect for the coffee breaks and casual meetings. It will be and even better when the sofas arrive.

          The new office of Verstas Architects, designed by ourselves. Oak furniture.

          The new office of Verstas Architects, designed by ourselves. Minimalist glass wall.

          The new office of Verstas Architects, designed by ourselves. Oak doors, minimalist glass walls.The new office of Verstas Architects, designed by ourselves. Oak furniture.

            Aalto University Väre Building shortlisted for WAF Awards

            World architecture festival 2

            The Aalto University Väre building was chosen as a finalist in the World Architecture Festival Awards 2019.

            Väre competes in the Higher Education & Research category. The winners will be selected during the festival in December. More information at www.worldarchitecturefestival.com.

              The refurbished lobby of the Helsinki City Hall opened

              The refurbishment of the Helsinki City Hall lobby by Verstas Architects and KOKO3

              Photo: the City of Helsinki

              Verstas Architects and the design bureau KOKO3 created a concept for a cozy activity hub in the centre of the city that enables events, seminars, workshops and press conferences. The lobby is a space for both citizens, organizations, civil servants and city politicians.

              The refurbishment of the Helsinki City Hall lobby by Verstas Architects and KOKO3

              Photo: Kimmo Virtanen

              The refurbishment highlights the architecture of the city hall as well as the visual identity of the City of Helsinki. Carl Ludvig Engel designed the original empire style building in 1833 and in the 1960s Aarno Ruusuvuori renewed it.

              The lobby has been extended to receive more natural light. Mirror-clad furniture enhances the effect.

              The refurbishment of the Helsinki City Hall lobby by Verstas Architects and KOKO3

              Photo: the City of Helsinki

              The refurbished hall opened on the April 16th. It demonstrates the ambition of the city to foster a new kind of institutional culture and showcases the spearhead projects of the city.

              Verstas Architects, KOKO3 and the mayor of Helsinki pose in the lobby of the Helsinki City Hall

              Photo: the City of Helsinki

                Verstas wins a culture centre competition in Tapiola!

                Verstas Arkkitehdit_Tapiolan kulttuuriaukio_Ulkokuva Kulttuuriaukiolta

                The City of Espoo will have a significantly extended culture hub in Tapiola.

                 The City of Espoo organized a competition for the Espoo Culture Centre and its surroundings in Tapiola, a garden city world-renowned for its modernist architecture and city planning. The proposal “Uusikuu” by Verstas Architects and the collaborators Arkkitehdit Mustonen Oy and Loci maisema-arkkitehdit Oy was chosen the winner.

                The design envisions a renewed public space – Kulttuuriaukio – a culture square, that will better integrate the current culture centre to the centre of the garden city. The original building, designed in the 80’s by Arto Sipinen, will grow substantially into a more versatile hub of culture spaces, including a new large, well-equipped performance hall and the expanding Tapiola library. The foyer of the new performance hall opens to Kulttuuriaukio bringing its events to the public realm.

                Press release from the City of Espoo (in Finnish)

                  Verstas-Arkkitehdit_Tapiolan-kulttuuriaukio_Sisäkuva-aulasta  Verstas-Arkkitehdit_Tapiolan-kulttuuriaukio_Ulkokuva-KeskusaltaaltaVerstas Arkkitehdit_Tapiolan kulttuuriaukio_Sisäkuva kirjastosta Verstas Arkkitehdit_Tapiolan kulttuuriaukio_Sisäkuva teatterisalista Verstas Arkkitehdit_Tapiolan kulttuuriaukio_Sisäkuva lämpiöstäVerstas-Arkkitehdit_Tapiolan-kulttuuriaukio_Ulkokuva-Kaupinkalliontieltä

                  Aalto University School of Business opens


                  The Aalto University School of Business opens today, on February the 25th. The whole new Verstas-designed campus block in Otaniemi is in use. We are looking forward to what emerges from the School of Art, Design Architecture and the School of Business programmes being in one building!

                  The official inauguration is later in spring.

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