Aalto central campus

The central square will become the focal point of the campus, surrounded by the new Aalto University building, metro station and the existing key buildings by Alvar Aalto.

Aalto central campus



    The winning project of the Campus 2015 architecture competition for the extension of the Aalto University Otaniemi campus, originally designed by architect Alvar Aalto for the Helsinki University of Technology. Verstas’ design creates a new square in the heart of Otaniemi. Surrounded by the central buildings of the original campus and the main functions of the extension, it will be the central meeting point of the area.

    The buildings comprise the new Väre building used by the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture; the adjacent A Bloc shopping centre with its commercial services and the main entrance to the metro station; as well as the new building for the Aalto University School of Business, currently under construction.

    The master plan also includes further buildings in the close proximity for both the University and VTT, the Technical Research Centre of Finland.

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    Open competition, 1st prize, 2013. In progress.


    Aalto University central campus area, >80000 m2


    Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland


    ACRE Aalto University Campus & Real Estate, Senaatti Properties

    The wooden Helsinki Biennial Pavilion by Verstas Architects

    A temporary ferry terminal for the Helsinki Biennial.

    Helsinki Biennial Pavilion
    A visualization of the Espoo Culture Centre (Espoon kulttuurikeskus) extension and the Culture Square (Kulttuuriaukio)designed by Verstas Architects

    Submerged performance halls in an iconic garden city.

    Espoo Cultural Centre
    Square in the Arabia factory block masterplan by Verstas Architects

    Renewal of the historic factory area of Arabia.

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    Street view of the Laajasalo hybrid block by Verstas Architects

    The city of Helsinki plans an unusual hybrid […]

    Laajasalo hybrid block competition

    New interpretation of the original Tapiola Garden City

    Tapiola Satakielenrinne masterplan
    Campus Prague plan proposal by Verstas Architects

    A proposal for a headquarter blocks in Prague.

    Campus Prague competition

    Extension to Alvar Aalto’s Otaniemi campus.

    Aalto central campus

    Housing quarters in Jyväskylä.

    Jyväskylä Hämeenkatu area

    General plan for fortress islands in Helsinki

    Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari islands

    Coastal path and recreational area in Helsinki.

    Kruunuvuori coastal path

    Pedestrian bridge connecting Kalasatama and Mustikkamaa in Helsinki.

    Isoisänsilta footbridge competition

    Residential area in Lohja.

    Hiidensalmi area competition