Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre

Like a boulder on a green meadow, the Visitor Centre rises to the challenge posed by the rugged landscape.
It is the last outpost before reaching the Giant's Causeway.
The building sits just behind the ridge, defining the silhouette of the landscape.
A void, like a crack in the boulder, is the focal point of the building and its circulation.
Glimpses of the landscape unfold inbetween exhibition rooms.

Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre


    Verstas Architects’ design for the new visitor facilities of Giant’s Causeway was awarded the 2nd prize among the 201 entries submitted to the competition in 2005. The site, registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1986, currently attracts some 400 000 visitors per annum for its outstanding natural beauty, its geological interest and its mythological connotations.

    The new building houses exhibition spaces, educational facilities and a tourist information centre conveying information on the Giant’s Causeway. It also provides various services, including retail and restaurant, for the visitors.


    Open competition 2005, 2nd prize.


    County Antrim, Northern Ireland


    Exhibition, retail and visitor facilities / 1800m2


    National Trust

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