Jätkäsaari school competition

New school of the Jätkäsaari area in Helsinki.
Tight plot is juxtaposed by residential buildings and "the Bunker" – a massive former harbour warehouse.
The compact four-storey building defines a sheltered school yard extending southwards to the sports park.
A spiraling central space interconnects the public spaces of the street level and the learning blocks on upper levels.
Flexible learning blocks are organized around small piazzas, allowing multiple variations for different learning situations.
Facades combine the 3-dimensional materiality of hand-laid brick to abstract surfaces of printed glass sitting flush with the facade.

Jätkäsaari school competition


    Jätkäsaari school is one of the key public buildings of the Jätkäsaari area, located between a massive old harbour warehouse building and new residential blocks. The compact footprint of the school allows a large part of the relatively small plot to be used for a school yard. The building separates the yard from the streets with vehicular traffic and orientates it south towards the adjacent sports park.

    The ground level of the four-storey building comprises the most public functions of the school – school canteen and stage and the workshop-like spaces for art and physical education opening to the surroundings. The compact and flexible learning blocks on the upper three levels adapt to different learning situations. The learning blocks, interconnected by a spiraling central space, are located close to each other for ease of collaboration, yet separate enough to provide tranquility when needed.


    Open two-stage competition 2015, shared second prize.


    Helsinki, Finland


    Finnish and swedish language comprehensive school, 7750 m2


    City of Helsinki

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