Kari Campus education, sports and leisure centre

The building expands the city centre public spaces.
A gently sloping entrance square welcomes visitors to the heart of the building.
The yard is framed by the inviting wooden facade.
Each function (swimming hall, music school, comprehensive school and sports hall) has its own branch and they are connected by the main indoor space.
The main indoor space which gathers the visitors from their various activities the Campus has to offer.
View towards the swimming hall.
The sports hall.
Each floor is utilized to its full potential.

Kari Campus education, sports and leisure centre



    The Kari Campus in Rauma gathers several important public institutions and amenities under one roof. It consists of swimming and sports halls, a comprehensive school, a music school, an adult education centre and a youth centre. Being together creates significant synergy and savings.

    Rauma is a particular town in Finland. Its centre is listed UNESCO World Heritage because of its cherished and well-preserved traditional wooden townscape. The campus sits by the old town, with which the small-scale massing and wooden facades of the new campus will blend.

    At the heart of the education, sports and leisure centre is an atrium of service desks, foyers, a café and a restaurant. Shared and dedicated spaces of teaching, performance and sports are around the central spaces are. The positioning of the building complex creates sunny outdoor areas that have a pleasant microclimate. A gently sloping entrance square welcomes visitors to the building. The yard has diverse possibilities of play, sports, learning, meeting and leisure for various age groups. The ample windows of the swimming hall open to a verdant hilly park.

    The building ground excavation work was completed in January 2021. The construction kickoff was in June 2021 and the head developer is Hartela Länsi-Suomi Oy. The foundation has been largely completed as of summer 2021 and the framework will start to be erected during the fall. The construction is scheduled to be completed by the fall of 2023.


    On-going, scheduled completion in 2023


    Aittakarinkatu 10, Rauma, Finland


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