Sompasaari Daycare Centre

The friendly and sturdy brick facades continue the series of surrounding brick buildings

Sompasaari Daycare Centre



    The new daycare building will serve the recently developed Sompasaari residential area and will educate 210 children. It will be built as part of the block that borders the southern edge of Loviseholm Park. The building’s friendly and sturdy brick facades continue the series of brick buildings in Sompasaari’s residential neighborhood. The scale separates the daycare from its higher neighbors as the the building volume is staggered in the direction of the playground in the middle of the block.  

    The daycare’s common dining and multipurpose facilities on the ground floor face the street and park and also provide evening use premises. The daycare group areas, observing the street life of Sompasaari from the upper floors, are located to the vicinity of the playground. 


    Design phase, construction begins in 2022, scheduled completion during 2023.  


    Helsinki, Finland


    2150 m²


    The City of Helsinki

    The new daycare building will serve the recently […]

    Sompasaari Daycare Centre
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