Verstas Architects awarded the second prize in the Oulu Museum and Science Centre architectural competition.

Verstas Architects´ competition entry ”Nostereceived the second prize in the Oulu Museum and Science Centre open architectural competition.

The new building is designed as an experimental place which offers possibilities to get to know the local history of Oulu and learn new things about science by looking, doing and experimenting. It fulfills the modern requirements for museum exhibitions, public events and services. 

The exhibition circulation that guides the flow of the audience is both fascinating and clear. As the visitor follows the route, the exhibitions unfold as coherent wholes.


The Science Museum´s main exhibition space is located on the top floor in a room with a slanted, high ceiling. The outdoor exhibition space above the lobby ends the circulation. The views from the route and outdoor exhibition space open towards the Oulu Art Museum.

The key design themes in Verstas entry are the use of light and a beautiful combination of materials, such as light wooden surfaces, board formed concrete and red roof tiles. 

The new construction draws from the old in a new and fresh way.